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Alexis Ohanian
Founder, 776
Cozomo Medici
Devin Finzer
CEO, Opensea
Gary Vee
Vee Friends
JD Kanani
CEO, Polygon
Naval Ravikant
Philosopher King
Ben Huh
Andrew Jiang
Co-founder, Curated

Loved by degens and newcomers alike

Joey P.
Casual Trader

I love the best value option when viewing a certain NFT collection. Instead of having to bother with rarity searching, it immediately analyzes rarity:price ratio for you.

Casual Trader

I love that the Discord community is well organized, conversations are organic, and it’s easy for members who are newer such as myself to join in on the discussions. Plus, the branding is clean, and the UI looks sleek.


I love the level of detail provided in each collection and the ability to filter on the same page. Also having the label that shows what has been minted but never sold is helpful.

Joey P.
Casual Trader

I love that it’s really an amazing, comprehensive tool/site. Being able to see what is trending and which floors are rising is great. The analytics and ‘Best Value’ option when looking at a collection are great as well.


I love that the tool is continuously evolving and the transparency from the team is top notch. Looking forward to the Curio team releasing more features in the future.


I love that there is a hybrid view that includes NFT artwork to be filtered together with charts. This gives me better data to work with without the need to keep changing tabs


I love how clean it looks! I am new to these tools and Web 3.0 in general and really appreciate how organized everything is.


I love that the color scheme is both immediately identifiable, and super legible. Plus, the sorting options are unparalleled since they let me customize each graph EXACTLY how I want, unlike most other tools.


I love the UI of the Discord bot, which is amazing. In my opinion, this is a game changer and will be a ‘must add’ for serious alpha groups and projects that want to offer the most to their members.

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